American Airlines Signs Temporary Employment Contracts With Pilots Friday

American Airlines Signs Temporary Employment Contracts With
Pilots Friday’s announcement comes less than three weeks after American pilots voted to authorize a strike.

American said the deal is essentially a four-year deal that offers pilots the highest pay in the industry and a share of the benefits. The deal would also include “uniquely improved quality of life for US pilots.”

The APA stated that the next step towards ratification would be to complete the text of the agreement and submit the agreement to the APA Board. Ultimately, the full members of the union must agree to the contract.
US operations were unaffected by the strike authorization. Under the Railroad Labor Act, which regulates labor issues in the airline industry, American pilots could not go on strike until the National Mediation Board ruled that further mediation would not be effective. The board then offers the parties the opportunity to initiate an arbitration procedure. If the pilots or US management refused arbitration, the parties would have to wait 30 days before calling a strike or lockout. American Airlines CEO Robert Isom told the airline’s pilots in March that management was willing to grant raises of 21 percent in the first year and 40 percent in four years, which match the raises Delta pilots receive.However, the APA continues to push for further concessions on working hours and policies.

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