Major renovation planned for Phinda Forest Lodge in South Africa

AndBeyond, a luxury sustainable travel company, is undertaking a major renovation of its popular Phinda Forest Lodge in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province. The comprehensive remodeling will include major renovations and structural additions.

The Chalet will feature a new family suite, library and lounge, walkway with central fire pit, redesigned mezzanine pool and upgraded dining and bar areas. To take the lodge into a new era, AndBeyond relied on the expertise of interior designers Fox Browne Creative and architectural designer Jack Alexander. Your mission is to redesign the retreat, optimizing the flow and functionality of the space while preserving its beloved character and minimizing disruption to the delicate sand forest environment.

The new interior design will be inspired by the surrounding sand forest, introducing elements of Japanese minimalism and paying homage to Zulu culture.

Kevin Pretorius, managing director of AndBeyonds South Africa, said the lodge dates from the early 1990s. with minimal impact on the core of the design,” he said.

Phinda Forest Lodge is scheduled to reopen on December 1st.Travelers can expect the new lodge to bring unique and immersive experiences centered around wildlife conservation and local culture. Activities will focus on the preservation of species like rhinoceros and pangolins as well as offering a Zulu Village Tour for an authentic cultural immersion.

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