Pleasant Holidays and Journese Update Travel Advisor Training

Pleasant Holidays and Journese have updated their joint travel advisor training program.

Pleasant Pro Academy has a new look, updated information, an expanded product, and a third course dedicated to Journese only. The two existing routes have been refined to provide better service, Pleasant Holidays said.

The Social Media Toolkit, which includes a collection of Pleasant Holidays and Journese content for Consultants, has been updated with new content. The new out-of-the-box content includes images, messages and descriptions and is ready to be posted to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.The holiday wholesaler said new content and other marketing materials are regularly added to its social media toolkit. Consultants can find these in the Travel Agent Resource Center or through the Pleasant Pro Academy link on

More updates coming soon to the Pleasant Pro Academy Resource Center, which will offer an expanded selection of targeted athletic and elite training programs.
new training courses will be added across all destinations throughout 2023, Pleasant Holidays said.

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